Monday, December 24, 2018

December 2018 - The Walls Are Up!

Trip to Haiti December 2018

In December, Chuck made a quick trip to Haiti to oversee the next phase of construction on the meeting hall, to be dubbed “UCG Haiti Assembly Hall and Training Center.”  The walls have been almost completed, and it is time to start preparing for construction of the rafters for the roof.

Before embarking on this trip, Chuck cut short pieces of 2 x 8 boards to demonstrate the angle at which the rafters should be cut. These he took with him, along with some tools and supplies.

While in Haiti, Chuck and Joseph Jean traveled into Port-au-Prince to order the lumber and pick up ceiling fans for the hall.  

The trip went smoothly and it was satisfying to see the great work the Haitian Church members have done with the walls. The only disappointment was not having the opportunity to see most of the congregation.  This trip took place on a Sunday - Tuesday, so it did not encompass the Sabbath or Bible Study times.  

See photos of progress below.